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Freediver Sponsorship Program

I became a water lifeguard in 2011, started learning free-diving in 2016, and started competing in 2019. After being guided by different instructors in Taiwan, France, Egypt, and the United Kingdom, and joining two free diving training organizations to practice regularly, only to learn the most complete self-diving knowledge and find the most suitable diving skills. However, long-term physical training and physical recovery, purchasing equipment and participating in competitions will inevitably cost a lot of money and sacrifice a certain amount of working time, but I still hope to continue to be positive and show my free-diving talents. This plan is to raise funds, hoping to have better support to meet the challenges of future national and international competitions and strive for better results.


  • Small donation sponsorship​

  • Buy limited-edition signed art prints: limited to ten pieces each, 100% cotton museum-quality printing paper, price includes shipping, shipping starting in July. 


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