Artist Statement

My paintings are trying to catch the invisible spiritual world, they tend to be mind paintings, but they are also landscape paintings of internal scenes. I am interested in the natural order and the emotional environment the colors create when they are placed together. My paintings mainly create another dimension of purely pleasing visual situational space and another dimension similar to dreams. Painting is an irreplaceable way for me to discover visual experience. My art is expression of my spiritual world, and I discover myself through making the art.


The inspirations come first from the water and the sensation of peace and joy when being in the water, and secondly comes from the interaction with the canvas. None of the work is planned beforehand. Along with the action of painting, the idea of a painting is shaped, the form of a painting is invented. I deconstructed the visions and integrated the sensations into my spiritual landscape. The colors and lines are a convergence of thoughts and feelings responding intuitively back to the painting in a flow of consciousness.