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My art is mostly inspired by my free-diving experiences, especially by the mental state and sensations of free-diving. It inspires the content of my paintings and the way I create a painting.

The mind in free-diving is focus without tension on being no concentration for any attention. It’a half dreamy, in which the boundary of consciousness between inner and outer world, between thought and action blurs. It feels simple, neutral, but also primal, and alive. I want to translate those sensations into my paintings.

How I paint is like diving too, that I dive into the painting process itself, so to say into vision and action, which creates each other. I follow the flow of ”what feels right” through gazing constantly back and forth from the smallest details of gradient colours to the whole big picture. Therefore, there is usually no prediction of how a painting should look like. Most of the images were done step after step.

I paint so that subtle things from the subconscious could show up, and I stop at a point when I feel the painting has become itself.

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