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Chih-Lin Yeh (b. 1985 in Taichung, Taiwan) lives and works in Stockholm. She earned a BFA from Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan in 2007, and an MFA from Tainan University of Arts, Taiwan in 2012. She created a visual language aimed at capturing the overarching themes of the relationship between the self, time, and space inspired by her breath-hold in-water experience after becoming free-diver 2017. Her practices exist in the liminal space between abstraction and figuration, otherworldly scenes with subtle gradients. In 2021 she had a solo exhibition "A Peaceful Place", Studio 44, Stockholm, and 2019  ”Mindscape”, Salt spa, Stockholm, Sweden after a group show ”Botkyrka Konstsalong”, Subtopia, Stockholm, Sweden.


2012 MFA, Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of The Arts, Taiwan
2007 BA, Department of Arts and Design, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Solo Exhibitions
2022 ”Look into the dive mind” Pelikan, Stockholm, Sweden
2021 ”A Peaceful Place”, Studio 44, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 ”Mindscape”, Saltspa, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 ”New Friends Hair Salon” , Old Tainan Magistrate Residence, Tainan, Taiwan
2005 “Twins”, Art Gallery of Hsin-Chu University of Education, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Group Exhibitions
2022  Spring Member exhibiton of Konstnärshuset, Eldhunden, Stockholm, Sweden
2022  Exhibition curated by Sofia Ringstedt,,Online
2022 ”Auction-Art for Ukraine”, Birka Cruises, Stadsgårdsterminalen, Stockholm, Sweden 
2022  "Work in progress Sthlm",, Online
2021 ”I paint, therefore I am.” , Studio 44, Stockholm, Sweden
2021 ”Abundance” Studioo 44 exhibition, Juxtapose, Årrhus, Denmark
2021 ”Feber” Studio 44 member exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden
2020 ”Saknade Delar” Studio 44 member exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 ”Botkyrka Konstsalong”, Subtopia, Stockholm, Sweden
2013 ”Unite! Idiots of the East Asia! ” Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo Hsinchu, Taiwan
2010 ”Da-Nan Party” Yu-Hsiu Musem of Art, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2008 ”Palm, the back of palm, darling”, Art District III, Tainan National University, Tainan,Taiwan
”Beautiful fruit plate”, Art Site of Railway Warehouse Hsinchu, Taiwan
”Magic pony’, Tainan National University of The Arts, Tainan, Taiwan
”Brilliant phoenix and love”, Tainan National University of The Arts,Tainan, Taiwan
2007 ”Fresh man exhibition”, Tainan National University of The Arts, Tainan,Taiwan
2006 ”Art Taipei 2006", Huashan Art District, Taipei, Taiwan
”Hsinchu County Art Exhibition”, Hsinchu Culture Affairs Bureau, Hsinchu, Taiwan

2021 Nordic Culture Point Mobility Funding
2021 Konstnärsnämnden Krisstipedium 3

2006 Quality award, Hsinchu Art Exhibition, oil painting class, Bureau of Cultural Affairs
Hsinchu City
2005 Quality award, Anniversary Exhibition, oil painting class, Hsinchu University of

2018 ”In to the Void” Magazine, 2018 November Issue

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